Billy & Ben, Israel - Boho style bridal jewelry

They met a startup company, and immediately realized they needed to be together, after a few minutes they knew it was it!

“We knew we wanted a nature wedding, we went there with a lot of doubts because it is a location in the south of the country, but within a second we fell in love. It was the first and only place we saw and hurried to close right “

Billy and Ben chose to celebrate their wedding in the heart of the desert, in a wedding that even left us speechless !!!!! What a style !!!

And what about the jewelry for the bride that Billy chose? More accurate than that for location and lock in! Billy chose bohemian style bridal jewelry, a bridal set on the one hand full of presence and character and on the other hand the most effortless there is! Billy chose the jewelry for the back of the head (a tiara for our bride, Louis – the most prominent of our hair jewelry), accompanied by an arm bracelet (Louise model) and delicate and tight bridal earrings (Louis model). Do you agree that style and chic are dripping from it? Left us completely speechless

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